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Keep Them warm

In January 2017, Seeds of Humanity Organization conducted relief distributions campaign, "Keep Them Warm". The campaign included distriputing 5,000 food baskets which contained oil, sugar, rice, tea, tomato sauce, honey and canned beans. In addition to winter clothes, including 6,000 new jackets and underwear clothes for men and women, and medicines and medical supplies for special cases. 

Moreover, this successful campaign has ended with a special celebration for the children that includes activities and distributing presents. 


With the  help of volunteers in sorting packaging and distributing the food baskets and relief items, the organization has managed to reach 15000 refugees at least who stay in the following refugee camps and squats:


- Skaramagkas Camp which is a refuge for about 4,000 refugees

- Eleonas Camp which include three camps where two of them are military camps, Sondos and Nea Kavala  Camps in Thessaloniki

- 5th school refugee squat in Athens for families.

- 2nd school refugee squat in Athens for families.

- One refugee squat in Athens for pregnant women.

- One refugee squat in Athens for single thismen.

-One refugee squat in Athens Oniro Hotel.

- Four hotels in Athens for families.

The campaign also provided 400 food baskets to refugees living in houses in Athens.


Thanks to everyone who contributed in conducting campaign. 






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